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The Lehmann Group is an owner-managed, innovative and environmentally-oriented enterprise with Hanseatic roots. Our self-image in relation to reliability, quality, and environmental protection as well as social and corporate responsibility is firmly anchored in our corporate guidelines. As a quality-oriented enterprise, we have optimised our processes through a flat hierarchy and short decision-making channels, and are able to react flexibly and fast to market requirements at any time.

We define environmental protection as an integral part of our corporate philosophy, and we decide in favour of innovative methods when it concerns protecting the environment and sparing global resources. We bear a social and corporate responsibility which also creates an environment in which service is also fun for our employees. Highly motivated employees are the basis of our success.

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Terminal and Port Operator

As biggest private Terminal and Port Operator, Lehmann is offering complete port services at 4 private owned Terminals with more than 2.500 meter quay length, available for all kind of cargoes. Whether RoRo, LoLo, Break Bulk, Bulk, Project and Heavy Lift cargoes, Containers, or Paper and Forrest Products – Lehmann is always at your service.

Shipping Company

Since 1950 Lehmann is going to sea. Since the beginning the company invested in the continuous expansion of the fleet: With the distinctive green ships we are thereby flexibly adapted to the market requirements and customer whishes...


Lehmann Terminals: Cargo-Terminal Lehmann

Heute wurde am CTL ein Wirbelschichtapparat "Bord-zu-Bord" von MS Eric Hammann auf das MK Ferdinand gelöscht und geladen. Dieser Maschinentyp dient der Trocknung von flüssigen oder feuchten Materialien in verschiedenen Wirtschaftszweigen. Die Maschine wurde aus Stettin nach Lübeck verschifft, um von hier aus mit dem Binnenschiff weiter über die Binnenwasserstraßen nach Sachsen-Anhalt transportiert zu werden. Dank der 51m Auslage sind unsere Hafenmobilkräne bestens für einen solchen Umschlag gerüstet.


You like to see and learn more about us and our services?


You like to see and learn more about us and our services?