Port Service in Lübeck

Lehmann portfolio includes full port-service at Lübeck. Conventional loading and discharging of barges and ocean-going vessels is only part of the full service arrangement. Rather transshipment of all kind of cargoes is among our benefits as a global port operator.

Ashore or aboard: On all carriers proper securing of cargoes is always of top priority and paramount importance. Our professional employees always acting cautiously and are well educated by internal and external trainings to meet with all requirements.
We provide following services:

  • Loading and Discharging of all kind of cargoes either on river-barges or ocean-going vessels
  • Transshipments from and to several carriers (Vessel, Truck, Railway) upon a capacity of 90 mt SWL
  • Lashing and securing onboard vessels, trucks and trains
  • Warehousing and equal tempered storage of cargoes
  • Documentation
  • Customs clearance