Lehmannkai 1
Multifunctional terminal for forest products and construction material


Quay length: 300 meters
Water depth LP1:
6,5 meters
8,5 meters
Turning circle: 200 m turning circle for wessels in front of the quay and the water road Trave
Quay facilities for RoRo traffic: Semi-trailer, mafis, trucks, vehicles, containers, general cargo, heavy lifts and LoLo loading, breakbulk, paper and forest products, one fixed ramp with 30 m width
Area: 62.500 m² paved parking and storage area
Warehouse capacity: 8,000 m²
Equipment: 2 exavators, different kind of fork lifts
Road Connection: 500 m to motorway A226 with access to the A1 to Hamburg and Puttgarden/Denmark
Rails: Private siding on the quay side
Barges: With the Elbe-Lübeck Canal connection to the European inland waterway network
Address: Luisenhof 13
23569 Lübeck